Grocery Girls is a UK-based social enterprise formed in 2018 following the coming together of a number of talented women from across the grocery industry. We recognised a distinct lack of senior female leaders across their industry and want to create a network to drive change.
Despite women being responsible for influencing 85% of consumer purchasing decisions in the UK only 20% of Executive teams and 10% of Executive Boards across the grocery industry are women. We aim to inspire more women to join the industry, be successful and develop themselves to reach their full potential. We work with women across the grocery industry at all career stages to develop the leaders of the future.
If you’re taking the time to read this you’ve already made the first step- come and join the movement!

Our Areas of Focus

Through our research we've identified three areas we feel can make a real difference to support women to achieve their career ambitions across the Grocery Industry.


Making female senior leaders visible as role models and standard setters

Changing Attitudes

Changing attitudes and unconscious bias, enabling female leaders through every life stage

Developing Our Talent Pipeline

Help to ensure we recruit, develop and retain talented young women within the grocery industry

Our research is ongoing. If you'd like to contribute please fill out our survey and help us build a broader understanding of our industry.

Sharing Our Experiences

All of our amazing girls are unique. We’re from different backgrounds, have had totally different experiences in our lives and we’re all on different journeys. But this difference is really powerful and we hope that by sharing our stories with you you’ll come to realise that being different and being yourself is the best way to be.

After all,  you can achieve wonderful success if you're not busy pretending to be someone else!

Development Training

None of us are the finished article and there are always new skills we can learn or areas we can develop. We think it’s really important that everyone has access to the development opportunities that they feel will really help them to achieve their ambitions,. We are working hard with partners to create quarterly development days throughout 2019.

Find out more and register for your place here 

We’re using the results from our survey to help us understand the areas that are important to you- if you haven’t given us your thoughts and ideas already fill it in here

As we grow our network we will do even more in this area- if you’d like to run an event in your local area join us or email us at hello@grocery-girls.co.uk

How You Can Help Us

When motivated people come together we have the power to make a real difference. If you’re passionate about enabling women to develop and progress within your business we’d love to hear from you.
Email us at hello@grocery-girls.co.uk or join us!
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There’s plenty more on the internet so go on, have a google!

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